Hip-Hop’s Influence On The London New Age Jazz Scene

A fresh wave of sounds coming out of London.

What a time to be alive. Today’s musically-inclined youth are growing up with yesterday’s sounds readily available literally on the palm of their hands. Whether it be jazz or hip-hop influences, these young musicians based in London are using every beat to make a sound all their own. And yet, at the same time, it’s a sound we’ve all known and loved. What defines a legacy if the future generations have no desire to keep the sounds relevant? Producers, singers, DJ’s, and musicians from a time not so long ago are still being referenced in media today, that truly says something about the power of music.

Peep the “Blue Skies” documentary above to see an example of how hip-hop is influencing a group of very talented London musicians. “(They’re) not only influenced by the greats,” says director Jon E Price, “Growing up listening to hip hop, grime, West African, and Caribbean music has shaped a new, distinctive, and unique London jazz sound. It’s this mix of sound and style with the electronic that excited me, and which drove the look and feel of the film. I wanted to build a narrative through a collage of imagery and music.”

Listen to Blue Lab Beats’ newest offering below:

(Sources: Dazed, Complex, Vimeo)

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