A Closer Look At YEEZY Season 4

Kanye West and adidas continue to push through with their post-apocalyptic fashion inspiration.

By now you’ve most likely read all the good and bad reviews from the YEEZY Season 4 fashion show. As one of the first shows of New York Fashion Week, it jump started a bevy of hip-hop inspired events all throughout the city. We’ve seen small video clips of models passing out from dehydration, awkward (and almost uncomfortable to watch) models walking the runway, and even (supposedly) heard of fashion magazine editors leaving the show early. All news aside, looking at the new collection as a whole is truly a wonder. Not in a groundbreaking kind of wonder. No, we are all surprised at how pieces from YEEZY Seasons 1 to 3 could have been added to this one and no one would have even noticed. Except for maybe the true fashionistas who can’t wait to get their editorial hands on Teyana Taylor’s peek-a-boo top. The biggest difference we can find is that S4 is dedicated strictly to the ladies and that the distressed holes are finally done away with. We’re starting with the darkest pieces all the way to the lightest, which is the opposite of how the collection was presented at the show. We believe the dark silhouettes and camo pieces were the true star pieces and thus should be highlighted first. Let us know your thoughts on YEEZY Season 4 below and which pieces are worth copping.













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