Watch the “Starboy” Choreo Visual from The Kinjaz

“Legend of the fall took the year like a bandit”

With the growing popularity of live stage performances and international events such as World Of Dance, dancers are finally being recognized as the main attraction.

An elite team of shadow groovers better known as The Kinjaz already has an extensive following within the dance community. The collective’s expertly choreographed videos consistently deliver a strong visual performance to each chosen song. Expect to see these videos receive multiple shares on social media. Their most recent dance visual is no exception. The pop/electronic/r&b single from The Weeknd and Daft Punk received a proper dance choreography from these local LA dancers. The visual mirrors the official music video with themes of dark blue tones, neon lights, sports cars, and black leather clothing. Watch the “Starboy” dance video below and follow The Kinjaz on YouTube for more of their choreography work.

[Credits] Filmed and edited by Vibrvncy

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