Flying with Anna Holmström

As part of Red Bull’s Flying Bach, the Flying Steps make their way to the states and  we were able to interview one of their members, Anna Holmström.


Coming from the other side of the world, Anna has been training various dance styles from ballet to hiphop. But aside from ballet, Anna has also competed in gymnastics for a few years. Fast forward to now where Anna has been dancing with the internationally-recognized dance team and we were able to catch up and see how the Flying Steps has helped her dancing career.


  • The 5th Element Magazine:  If it wasn’t for the Red Bull Flying Steps, where would you be now?
    • Anna Holmström: Honestly I wouldn’t know where I would be. Most likely be teaching dance or be involved in some kind of dance or project.
  • 5th: How hard has it being away from home while touring?
    • Anna: It depends. Sometimes it’s no problem because you’re enjoying what you’re doing until after awhile it gets tiring and don’t have enough time to go around and explore a new location. Also you miss your OWN place to call home. It’s important to find healthy food, which is not alway easy while touring.img_5927
  • 5th: How much longer are you planning on dancing with the Flying Steps?
    • Anna: Flying Steps will always be part of my life. I look forward to see what collaborations and projects can be created in the future with dancers from Flying Steps.
  • 5th: What influenced you to be part of Flying Steps?
    • Anna: Flying Steps were touring in Germany back in 2011 and they needed another woman dancer to be a stand in. I didn’t know how sucessful Flying Steps was before going for the audition. It wasn’t until a year and a half later in Sweden, Flying Steps were looking for a female replacement stand in and luckily enough they still remembered me. Next thing you know, I get a call at 11 o’clock in the evening a few days after saying they wanted me to be on board with Flying Steps. Till this day, I find it funny how things end up happening.img_6011
  • 5th: Have you ever participated in battle competitions? If so, how did it go?
    • Anna: Only experimental battles in Sweden and Germany. When I did  gymnastics for eight to ten years, I found the drive to battle against yourself.
  • 5th: How do you prepare for a show?
    • Anna: I usually like to take either a half or whole ballet class followed by deep stretching. I squeeze a ten-minute nap if I can. Sometimes we do tech practice on stage for spacing and lighting before a show as well.kris-allen
  • 5th: What kind of fashion style would you say represents yourself on and off the stage?
    • Anna: I’m not so good at keeping up with what’s trending. Usually, for long flights/travels, I prefer to be in comfy clothes. Funny thing is sometimes we get seated in higher class and we get looked at for dressing different. Times we get to go out after a show or when we have free time, I like put on simple one color and minimal or no print. When I was kid, my mom bought me a ballerina dress. Not only was it only a nice color, the material of the tutu and the top were two different materials. From then on, I always remember that sense of touch was important because of my mother. I think that’s what I like about fashion or when I touch clothing, because how it feels.
  • 5th: I know as a dancer, you’re on your feet a lot. What kind of shoes off the stage would say represent you?
    • Anna: Converse. I bought a pair six years ago. At first it felt heavy and clumsy, but going after getting used to the weight, they feel nice because they give me a grounded feeling. also they fit to dresses, jeans, pants, shorts. a good shoe for travleing when you want to pack light. img_5947
  • 5th: On the road, what kind of music chills you out?
    • Anna: I like listening to singers, song writers as well as experimental/abstract sounds. Every now and then I enjoy listening to salsa music.
  • 5th: Any current movies/shows you like to watch while there’s down time?
    • Anna: I’m trying to get away from TV series because I get stuck on watching the whole series once I start it. “Friends” is a great example that I enjoy watching over even though I’ve finished the series. I like watching documentary films. I enjoy reading books that are either about people, history, or science fiction.img_6008
  • 5th: How important is it to keep your body in shape?
    • Anna: It is very important to keep my body in shape because if it wasn’t for doing a ballet class before a show,I feel my muscles tense up and would feel like collapsing. It’s better to feel prepared before going on stage. You perform one time every new city or country and it’s my responsibility to give the audience a good show. After every show we get a break and it’s best to be active still so my body will be functioning for the next show.
  • 5th: What would you tell an aspiring dancer who wants to be where you are?
    • Anna: Listen to what advice your peers give you. Take note and reflect to see if it fits your personal dreams and goals. Respect those who have more knowledge in areas that you’re unfamiliar with. There is no limit to creativity. Make sure you’re passionate with what you are doing. Get inspired and see if the end result is something that works for you. When you do something you think is right, don’t think about how long it takes because in the end, you’ll feel better you did it for you and not for someone else.img_5936

We would like to give our thanks to Cashmere Agency for the opportunity to interview Anna Holmström! Make sure to catch the Flying Steps in the US at !

Photos and words by: JK Gabrillo

John Kevin "JK" Gabrillo

Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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