Jam On It: Team Cozy Mix by SoSuperSam

#SongsToGetCozyTo 004

The Orange County-based creative agency Team Cozy is known for their stunning photography, minimalist branding, and a sense of exploration. It’s their connection to a close-knit community that’s garnered them attention and praise. Accompanying the agency’s artistic vibes are a series of mixes that fall in line with their aesthetic. The previous mixes by Ta-ku, EKALI and The Whooligan can still be streamed on their SoundCloud, supplying endless hours of just straight up chillin’ music. With the newest mix by SoSuperSam, the mood turns to a more acoustic jazz set sprinkled with some essential R&B picks. In case you haven’t walked outside today, it’s raining in Southern California. And the best way to take advantage of the colder weather is to just cozy up indoors and play something chill in the background.

Staff Writer

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