Best of 2016: Most Stylish Rappers

Every year we can always count on hip-hop artists to hit us with a new style or trend. 

When LL Cool J decided to roll up that pant leg and every early 2000s rapper decided to wear velour track suits, we all followed suit. The past few years rappers have finessed the way they have dressed and have been able to find a happy medium between street style and high fashion. Below are our picks for the top 5 most stylish rappers of 2016.  Some familiar faces are in the line up but our top pick has definitely grown not just an artist but also as a fashion standout among his peers. Take a peep.

5. Future

Future 3

Future 2

Future 1

4. Big Sean

Big Sean 3

Big Sean 2

Big Sean 1

3. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell 1

Pharrell 3

Pharrell 2


2. Kanye West

Kanye 3

Kanye 2

Kanye 1

1. Chance The Rapper

Chance 3

Chance 2

Chance 1

Nino Llanera

Co-Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Entertainment Host and Creative. I am a fashion and entertainment junkie with a mild obsession with the Internet. You can catch me live on Afterbuzz TV recapping your favorite sitcoms or trying to figure out and explain the ratchetness that is reality tv.

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