Soulection Celebrates 6 Years With “Promise Once More” Compilation

Featuring international heavy hitters from the beat production circle.

Los Angeles-based music collective Soulection recently celebrated a remarkable 6 year anniversary show at The Novo in DTLA and the lucky fans with tickets will forever remember that night. For any hip-hop, beat, and music head in general, they know the best live shows in L.A. have been from Soulection and their affiliated artists. What started as a small crew and radio show in 2011 have grown into an internationally recognized name and organization. “With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music.” There’s no doubt that Joe Kay and Andre Power, founders of Soulection, have built a lasting musical legacy and have contributed immensely to the global expanse of the beat culture and community.

With just hours after their live show, the crew continues to push ahead and have already dropped a new compilation. “Promise Once More highlights our generations constant battle between situationship vs relationship. Enjoy a new era of sounds and storytelling.” Listen below and when you see tickets go on sale for their next live show, cop them quick and get ready to experience “The Sound of Tomorrow.”

Main photo by @VZmaestro

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