New Dance Series “Yak Like We Do” Spotlights Under-The-Radar Dance Communities

Calling all the b-boys, waackers, and street dancers everywhere.

Dancers, get ready for a greater amount of exposure as major television networks have finally seen the true entertainment coming from the dance culture. But how about the rest of the dancers and smaller circles that have yet to have their shine on the big television stage? Yak Films have already featured amazing dancers from around the world and now they are sharing a new series that builds upon their knowledge and connections in the dance circles. Available free to watch on the go90 app and on, “Yak Like We Do” will be an introduction to the hidden talents waiting to take the spotlight. As more viewers become aware of these sub-cultures, maybe we will finally see more diverse dancers being represented on television. Watch the trailer below and then peep the first season here.

“Each episode provides a deep dive into the subcultures of cities from Bucheon City and Tokyo to Oakland, South Central L.A. and New York City. Featuring interviews with key players and crews in the underground dance battle scenes.”


Staff Writer

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