Tinashe Slays in New Juicy Couture x Urban Outfitters Campaign

The iconic tracksuit gets the Juicy treatment.

Hipster retail giant Urban Outfitters wants everyone to know they are still a big name in the brick & mortar business. But with online shops like Amazon and ASOS dominating the youth-driven fashion shopping experience, do you really need a drive down to UO? Most likely yes. You definitely do actually. Not just because you need to get out of the house every once in a while, but because there’s no better retail satisfaction then instantly owning current trends. And every once in a while UO is in sync with today’s trends. Although we got a side-eye for their choice to collab with Juicy Couture, we can’t actually keep our eyes off their model- R&B siren Tinashe. She is absolutely serving it one hunnid and need to charge for a slayage fee. In this case alone, we are quick to overlook the interesting collab. The pieces are simplified with minimal branding, fabrics look luxurious, and the colorways are surprisingly decent. Peep the looks below and cop the pieces starting February 13 at your local Urban Outfitters store.






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