adidas Originals Feature MadeInTYO, Desiigner and Snoop Dogg

Two new videos for the “Original Is Never Finished” campaign.

For the past few weeks, adidas Originals have released several video teasers on their YouTube channel to promote their new campaign. These short visuals feature several subcultures, all displaying a sense of celebrating individuality. There is no question that the footwear giant has strong ties to musical influences as they have been around many different artists and genres. Today they dropped two new videos, each representing a modern remix to Frank Sinatra’s classic song “My Way.” In The first video you’ll see up and coming rappers MadeinTYO and Desiigner set against a neon-lit, post-apocalyptic world. After that, watch the legendary LBC rapper Snoop Dogg as he puts his own spin on the Sinatra song. In Snoop’s video however, fans will quickly recognize the visual elements from his musical career including a setting inspired by the Doggystyle album.

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