Las Vegas Trade Shows 2017: Day 1

Since 2003, Agenda Trade Show has brought forth some of the top brands in the streetwear fashion industry.


Every year the vision stays the same and new brands converge on the exhibitor floor in hopes of making some noise.  As the Agenda website declares: for brands, this is  “where passion becomes profit.” With that being said, today on day 1 of the trade show I am coming in with a buyers and investors mindset to discover new brands that have profitable potential through their design, branding and overall aesthetic.

Agenda Enclave

As I perused the Agenda floors I was automatically drawn to the Enclave section of the show which houses the featured premium street and contemporary men’s collections.  Enclave’s overall aesthetic draws you in visually with its simplicity while bright booths with featured brands are placed directly in the middle of the section. Enclave re-introduced New York-based streetwear brand Ethik Clothing Co. back on my radar.  Ethik was created back in 2010 by two friends “who saw an opportunity to portray what they see in their everyday lives.” Their throwback 90’s aesthetic of bold colors and materials makes for a desirable brand that hits the nostalgic trend currently riding the streetwear wave.



A unique feature to Agenda Las Vegas is that there are three shows under one roof, all interconnected to give buyers and investors a higher opportunity to find the latest and greatest in the streetwear, contemporary, and lifestyle fashion industry.  Liberty Fairs and Capsule trade shows are both connected with Agenda and feature their own unique brands who are also fighting to make the same noise in the industry.


As I crossed the pathway to Liberty Fairs my eye caught Perspectives, an Oregon-based high-quality fashion brand. Founded by two brothers who wanted to shed light on the daily burdens and struggles that we go through. The designs are what drew me in, but the concept behind the brand solidified my desire to explore their perspective even more.


With such a massive layout of exhibitors spanning these three shows, one day is not enough to fully be immersed into the whole trade show experience.  There are definitely much more to explore and more brands waiting to be recognized. So stay locked on the site to see what I get into and which brands deserve the day 2 featured slot.

Photos By: JK Gabrillo

Nino Llanera

Co-Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Entertainment Host, and Creative. I am a fashion and entertainment junkie with a mild obsession with the Internet. You can catch me talking about the latest news from Filipinos across North America on Myx News and Myx Global, or trying to figure out and explain the ratchetness that is reality tv on Afterbuzz TV.

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