Taylor Bennett Releases “Restoration Of An American Idol”

New project from the Chicago rapper.

Here’s a chill one for your weekend listening. The 9 track-filled music project titled “Restoration Of An American Idol” had us pushing repeat since its release on Friday. The Chicago-based hip-hop artist has been making waves on his own terms and speed, which fans have accepted and appreciated. On the Ludlow produced “Nobody tell a Name,” Taylor spits a steady rap flow while Atlanta singer Raury delivers a chill rhyme. With its smooth jazz influences, “Favorite Colors” will be your go-to study/lounging joint. And of course, if there’s only one track you need to play then it’s definitely “Grown up Fairy Tales,” produced by Mike Will Madeit and features R&B singer Jeremih and Taylor’s brother Chance the Rapper. The standout track is not only produced perfectly but keeps the attention on Taylor despite the two featured guests’ higher notoriety. After hearing all the tracks on the project you’ll get a sense of the culmination of Taylor’s musical climb while it highlights the talent we’ve only heard every now and then- which we are fine with. But Taylor can drop an EP and full album soon after this and we’ll be the first to get hyped.

Staff Writer

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