The Weeknd & Daft Punk Unveil ‘I Feel It Coming’ Visual

A prequel to the “Starboy” video?

Canadian singer The Weeknd has been surprising fans while on his European Starboy Tour and tonight he surprised the rest of the world with a new music video. The Daft Punk featured single “I Feel It Coming” is one of the Starboy album’s more upbeat and dance-driven track, as it should be when the iconic Parisian house music duo is involved. But don’t expect a dance floor scene in this cinematic video. Instead, The Weeknd is seen on a deserted planet dancing around with a beautiful costar. While most of the visual consists of the singer in his sergeant pepper inspired jacket, Daft Punk does show up towards the end. The duo find a glowing neon cross and the intro beats to “Starboy” can be heard- a possible hint that this may be a prequel story? Watch the video above and decipher the clues for yourself.

Staff Writer

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