Hip-Hop’s Current Obsession With The Flute Instrumentals

Genius answers this trending question by looking into music’s rich history.

By now everyone’s had their earful of Drake’s “Portland” and Future’s “Mask Off” tracks on the radio waves. It’s not hard to understand why people keep requesting to hear these songs, they are too damn catchy. These two tracks both feature flute instrumentals that sound like it should not belong on a hip-hop track. But surprisingly, it does. Hip-hop and rap music have both dabbled into experimental sounds and right now they are bringing back sounds that were popular in the disco era. Watch the video below made by Genius on a further explanation on the rise of the flute instrumental. And then right below it, listen to Herbie Mann’s classic 1974 track “Hijack.” If you listen in at mark 1:29 you’ll hear a flute instrumental that’s been sampled by more than a few artists, including a girl named Jenny from the block.

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