STAMPD SS17 “Against The Grain”

“Utilitarian, high-street attitude and military influences”

Los Angeles has an obsession with streetwear, this much is commonly known, but for a brand to rise above the rest and be recognized in high fashion, well then you have one rare brand called STAMPD.

STAMPD recently launched its newest collection “Against the Grain” on Thursday, shop the pieces now exclusively at and at the STAMPD flagship store in L.A.

This collection is tempered by its color palette, which we often only see with the brand’s signature black, indigo and white color choices. This time, the new pieces are accented with some soft blush, taupe and fatigue-like earth tones. “The inspiration is born from places of uprising where local populations re-purpose surplus military items and take up arms to defend injustice.” Check out the lookbook for “Against the Grain” below and keep it locked on The 5th because we’ll most likely see another STAMPD collaboration later this year.

Staff Writer

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