GOAT is the GOAT

Los Angeles Based mobile app, GOAT was founded in 2015 and is self dubbed “the safest way to buy and sell sneakers through your mobile device.” For all my sneakerheads out there you know the possible dangers of meeting up to buy, sell or trade, with this app it can all be done at the palm of your hand. Most of you already know about this app since it’s debut back in 2015 and from the praises it’s received from consumers and it’s users. But I just wanted to run it back and reiterate the ease and convenience of this app.

Sellers can easily list their shoe for sale and buyers can view over 45,000 sneakers on the app. Once a buyer makes the purchase the seller then ships the shoe to GOAT to be authenticated and GOAT ships them to the buyer. It’s a pretty easy process and it cuts the issues of counterfeit shoes and shady buyers or sellers.  The authentication process is a major key to the success of this app but so is the financing partnership with Affirm.  Now U.S. based IOS and Android users can apply for financing to make payments over a 3, 6 or 12 month period with APR rates of 10%-30%.  So if you really need those Yeezys in your life but can’t throw down that full amount, this might work out for you.

Check out the site and app and take a look at their FAQ section that covers most of the questions I personally had about the business and the whole process of buying and selling. Enjoy!

Nino Llanera

Co-Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Entertainment Host, and Creative. I am a fashion and entertainment junkie with a mild obsession with the Internet. You can catch me talking about the latest news from Filipinos across North America on Myx News and Myx Global, or trying to figure out and explain the ratchetness that is reality tv on Afterbuzz TV.

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