Mixtape Monday: Penthouse Penthouse – Courtside 2017 Mix

The DJ duo mixed together some of their very best work.

Image Via Hypebeast.com

Team Supreme‘s very own Penthouse Penthouse is bringing us spring and summer vibes with their latest mix, Courtside 2017. Mike Parvizi and Preston James have basically mastered the super chill essence of Malibu, Palm Springs, and Beverly Hills, but less bougie and a lot more soulful. The DJ duo has been dropping remixes of your favorite R&B and hip hop tracks on SoundCloud for quite a while now, each one garnering thousands of plays and reposts. And you already know their self-produced tracks can make any thug want to dance a little. From that super smooth flip of Brandy’s “Baby” to their Cali lifestyle original track “69 Camaro,” this mix truly showcases Penthouse Penthouse’s understanding of L.A.’s future beat scene. Push play on Courtside 2017 below, peep the tracklist, and be sure to follow the duo on SoundCloud.

1. Closer – Penthouse Penthouse & Chloe Martini
2. Run To Me (Penthouse disco edit) – Aabo & Lafa Taylor
3. Can’t See Love (Lately) – Penthouse Penthouse & Promnite
4. Upload – Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint
5. Treasure – (Penthouse Penthouse Remix) – Bruno Mars
6. You’re A Jerk (Penthouse flip) – New Boyz
7. it ain’t over – Penthouse Penthouse
8. voice mailz 9. coasting – Penthouse Penthouse
10. Private Jet – Penthouse Penthouse
11. In the Penthouse – Penthouse Penthouse
12. I Just Wanna (Penthouse Penthouse Remix) – Elijah Blake
13. $$$ – Penthouse Penthouse
14. what u sipping on – Penthouse Penthouse
15. Heist – Penthouse Penthouse
16. Got It All (Penthouse’d) – Ruff Riderz
17. life’s too short to front – Penthouse Penthouse
18 Baby (Penthouse’d) – Brandy
19. building grey (Instrumental) – Milo
20. let me see that (vocal) – Penthouse Penthouse
21. Work It Out (feat. Penthouse Penthouse) – Promnite
22. polish thot – Penthouse Penthouse
23. Buttery – Penthouse Penthouse & Elos
24. Why My Ol’ Lady Gotta Be A Thot (PP Remix) – Marvel Alexander
25. ecstasy – Penthouse Penthouse
26. 69 Camaro – Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint
27. Vibration (Penthouse Penthouse Remix) – Sophia Black

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