Parisian Hoop Dreams with Pigalle’s New Basketball Court

Art meets fashion meets sportswear.

Back in 2015 there was a basketball court in Paris, France that was photographed so many times that it was constantly reblogged on Tumblr. You know it. You’ve seen it. Ok. Jumping to present day, that same court sandwiched between two buildings just got a fresh coat of paint.

The french streetwear/sportswear brand Pigalle teamed up once again with creative agency Ill Studio to create this colorful scene that is just begging to be Instagrammed the eff out. It is also in conjunction with a recent collaboration with NikeLab. So it makes sense to have a basketball court that is anything but basic. Pigalle’s founder Stéphane Ashpool continues to push sportswear into the higher realms of the fashion world and we are definitely on board with that agenda. View the rest of the photos below.

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