DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK Release “Summertime 8” Mix

The dynamic DJ duo are back for another feel good summer mix.

Push that play button asap:

To think that DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK‘s anticipated annual mix is now on its 8th edition is beyond remarkable. We truly wait for its release when the weather becomes warmer and will constantly play it almost every chance we get. Perfect for the backyard bbqs, daytime kickbacks, long drives, and of course for today’s 4th Of July celebrations. Back in 2010 when they dropped their first Summertime mix we were ecstatic at their ability to blend the classic jams into one cohesive feel good track. And every year since then they’ve managed to get us grooving with each new addition to the series. It truly isn’t summer unless you’re bumping this through your speakers.

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