Agenda Trade Show – Summer ’17: Cool, Calm, & Collected

Long Beach, California

The next time you’re swiftly perusing through your favorite boutique or retail shop, take a second to admire the carefully curated store. Each piece of clothing and accessory was hand-picked, observed, admired, and ultimately written on an order form. These minor, yet important, details fly right by us, because we’re too busy actually shopping. I mean, that IS the reason for visiting any store, right? But just know that the shirt on the rack you’re obsessed with was first and foremost a decision made by a buyer- a real life person whose fashion aesthetic obviously lines up with yours.

With a rich history and global appeal, Electric has a variety of premium sunglasses that deliver both style and function. As the summer heatwave continues, this lifestyle accessory brand definitely has you covered. They even have a dedicated line catered to athletes, which is fitting as Southern California has some of the best outdoor sports readily available all year-round.

The official Wu-Tang Clan clothing line, Wu Wear, is back and ready to dominate streetwear once again. Stay tuned to see new designs.

A new Los Angeles brand that has a rich graphic base is Milk And Honey. Check out some of their comfy pieces above.

Fashion accessory brand HEX is making some noteworthy moves. Look out for their upcoming collaboration with artist Aaron De La Cruz.

We absolutely can’t get enough of Nixon watches, their innovative and stylish pieces are timeless. New collaborations and updates to their classics are making its way to your favorite store.

You may already be familiar with ’47 Brand, as they make some of the official accessories for many professional sports teams. They recently collaborated with fashion brands, including a dope collection with Pintrill.

Summertime in the LBC exudes the best chill vibes you can imagine, and there’s no doubt that Agenda continues to take on this mood when they open their doors at the Long Beach Convention Center. The trends we noticed were everything from relaxed fits, tropical-inspired printed button-ups, loose t-shirts, cargo shorts, and training shoes. So literally from head to toe your favorite trendsetters, streetwear icons, and fashion enthusiasts were cool, calm and collected.

Start packing your bags and get that rental ordered, it’s time for the next one…in Las Vegas!

Photos by John Kevin.

Marc Mangapit

Editor and freelance writer from Los Angeles. Pizza hunter and burger snob. He misses the old Kanye, the "I can't even go to the grocery store without some Ones that's clean and a shirt with a team" Kanye.

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