Mixtape Monday: YehMe2 – Digital Dad Mix

Summertime kickback tunes.

Self-proclaimed “Digital Dad” YehMe2 dropped this banger of a mixtape on Hypebeast and we had it blasting on our Sunday Funday. The Chicago DJ and producer is best known for being the former co-founder of the Trap/EDM duo Flosstradamus. Talking with Hypebeast, YehMe2 explains the mix as β€œa summertime bbq 00β€²s and 10β€²s rap mix.” He mixed in hits from the past and present so there is a very good chance that everyone will hear their favorite joints. I mean, if you have it blasting at your family bbq then maybe your dad might actually like it too. Save this mix for your next T.U., but honestly we can play it even way past the summer season.

Staff Writer

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