Mixtape Monday: RnBass Radio Episode 5

With your hosts J Maine and Kiana Valenciano. Mixed by DJ A Ron.

“Kiana takes us into the culture of RnBass from the Philippines in this episode with features from James Reid, Curtismith, crwn, Jcon & more. It’s an eclectic collective of culture.”

The Trap/Soul/R&B music movement makes us want to groove wherever we are. A slowed down milly rock? Bringing back the shmoney dance? Memorized all the Reggae dancehall moves? Come through…to the dancefloor. The good folks at RnBass dropped another dope mix and we’re out here trying to ID these new jams. They consistently showcase some of the best tracks from around the world and each new episode is better than the last. Hit play above and practice those “Hotline Bling” moves.

Staff Writer

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