Mixtape Monday: Telescope Thieves – Multipass II

Drive slow homie.

While our site has no affiliation or similarity to The Fifth Element film, we often get asked anyways. Again, no connection whatsover. We love the movie though, we’re watching it on Netflix right now. The 1997 sci-fi movie definitely opened the doors to infuse the genre with more fantasy elements. And 20 years later we are still out here making references about the movie. For example, the iconic and futuristic identification card called the “multipass.” Miami DJ and The Love Below party maestro, Telescope Thieves, created this chill mix full of remixes and forgotten joints. Guaranteed to be on repeat throughout this whole week.

“Hurricane Irma just passed and while I was bunkered down at home I decided to put together a mix of some of my favorite chilled out shit from soundcloud. Lost electricity for a day but finished this ting up as a soon as my house got back on the grid. Lots of lofi, some footwork and neck snappin hiphop beats for driving late at night.” – Telescope Thieves

Kanye West – Mercy (ROSHIMA Edit)
Autumn keys – live right
Swum – Sizzurp
Footmerc – Oh Honey
Fil Jackson – Lee Make U Move Around
The deli – Izzo
Toonorth – fvrewll
Emune – on
Knx. – so[rt]
Wun Two – Toucan
Leland Aleem Fākir – Momma’s Hoopty
Knx. – Rownmywai[TWRK]_
foisey. – gihmemore.
EU-IV – crush on{you}
Kayne West – Get ‘Em High (BlaaqGold Remix)
Cole Tidus – wisc.blu.cheese
K, Le Maestro – one thing [95]
J.robb – comeagainn
Collie buddz – Cancrejo distorted acapella
Madvillian – 3214
The deli – MsPrettyBooty
HANS – still driving round in my old whip
Therdchild – release it from your grasp as if it were above normal temperature
The deli – 1_56PM
Junyii x leaf beach – hex
Emune – Hittin Switches

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