Jam On It: Maurice Moore – Little More

Produced by Mars Today and Krs.

Rising Canadian R&B singer Maurice Moore just dropped a catchy new single titled “Little More,” go ahead and push play above if you haven’t done so already. After writing songs for artists such as Justine Skye and Marques Houston, collaborating with BbyGrl Kehlani, and building a following on the internet, Maurice is set to debut a full-length project this coming fall titled The Amber Room. “Little More” is a light-hearted, relatable and candid track featuring an irresistible hook. With the radio waves playing the same pop-trap tunes over and over again, it’s always nice to hear a new track that actually deserves to get repeated spins on the local stations.

“I was going through a weird place in my relationship. I was happy, but I was also frustrated. I felt like a lot of the things I was doing weren’t being recognized. I was underappreciated, because my girl at the time didn’t understand my lifestyle. She didn’t see the little things. ‘Little More’ tells her to pay attention a little more. It’s exactly what I was going through.” – Maurice Moore via Billboard


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