199V Releases ‘twentytwo’ EP

New trap wave coming from Montréal.

Artist // 199V (Formerly Mac Vybz)

Location // Montréal, Québec, Canada

Music Genre // Trap, Rap

Signed To // Oddio

Sounds Like // Travis Scott, Russ

Standout Tracks // “Way Too Much,” “Island,” & “Too Fast”

Editors Note // The new 8-track EP from rapper 199V is a prime example of the unbeatable hip-hop scene coming from our Canadian neighbors in the north. twentytwo goes beyond the usual trap music genre to incorporate future beats and, especially on “Island,” keeps the mood from going too dark. Overall, the tracks are produced with the same radio-friendly vibe, guaranteed to get multiple streaming replays. Which isn’t surprising given that 199V is in a class of Canadian rappers that include Tory Lanez and Drake.

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