Local Artist Spotlight: Asaiah Ziv

O M W 2 L A.

Artist // Asaiah Ziv

Location // Los Angeles, California / Las Vegas, Nevada

Music Genre // Hip-Hop, Trap Soul

Signed To // Moon Artists

Sounds Like // Frank Ocean, Tyler,The Creator

Standout Tracks // “Act Like,” “Lemonade,” “Face”

Editors Note // The young creative and musician, Asaiah Ziv, has gained the attention of Angelenos who are always on the search for new and groundbreaking artists. It’s not easy to get this town talking but when they do, we are definitely here to listen. Asaiah’s new 8-track EP I’m Depressed, But I’m Happy is a collection of contemporary rap and R&B songs that were written, produced, mixed and mastered by the artist himself. As the title suggests, the EP touches on mental illness and awareness while it provided an outlet for the artist. On Asaiah’s website thisishipsavvy.com is a forum for everyone to discuss, communicate, and help one another. Stream the album above and then help support your local artist by copping some merch.

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