Soulection Shares “UNITE” Compilation to Help in Hurricane Relief Funds

Featuring the label’s amazing lineup of producers and DJs.

Los Angeles based music label and internationally recognized crew, Soulection, has always been about sharing positivity, whether through their music or events. The community and network they’ve built in L.A. and around the world can attest to the label’s “good vibes only” type of mentality. As the current state of the world has continued to be in despair, Soulection is bringing some much needed hope and relief through their music.

“The Soulection family has come together to give back and support those who have been affected in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Dominica and Mexico. 100% of proceeds will be given to Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund and Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund through Global Giving. Donations will be raised for two weeks, so feel free to share and support.”

Stream the compilation below and download/donate via


Staff Writer

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