Stream Episode 1 of “The Untitled Action Bronson Show”

An “anything goes” type of cooking show.

F*ck, That’s Delicious author, chef and rapper Action Bronson just dropped the season premiere of his newest show on the Viceland cable channel. The loosely labeled “cooking show” featured some of Bronson’s friends including Wyclef Jean and The Alchemist. There was also a live band, a b-boy crew and special guest chefs. A bevy of hilarious random moments added to the show’s transparency and honesty. When you put Bronson in a kitchen with live music, alcohol and good vibes, you are guaranteed to hear some laughs and learn some recipes. We’re still confused as to what this show really is, but that’s pretty much the genius of it all. You can watch episode 1 by streaming it YouTube below. If the previews of the upcoming episodes are any indication then this season is sure to be just as random and lit.

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