Mixtape Monday: A Salute To Amy Winehouse – Mix by Meka

A proper tribute to the late Grammy Award-winning British singer.

When Amy Winehouse entered our radio waves in the early 2000’s the world was mesmerized by her jazz-infused, soulful voice. Through her unforgettable songs, hip-hop inspirations, and iconic fashion style, we will always remember and adore the late singer. Her personal life and problems were often scrutinized by reporters but one of the saddest facts may be that we lost her while she was working out her personal issues. Gone too soon but she left us with a lifetime of amazing work. Music blog site 2DopeBoyz presented this mixtape in honor of Amy Winehouse’s legacy. Go ahead and play it below and add some retro-soul vibes to your Monday.

“This mix is my best attempt at paying tribute to the legacy of Amy Winehouse, in honor of the anniversary of her seminal sophomore album ‘Back To Black.’ I tried to provide as comprehensive a set as possible, spotlighting tracks from her entire discography, incorporated samples, a live performance, and more. It was rather bittersweet to craft this mix, but I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating it.” – Meka

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