HEX x Aaron De La Cruz

A new limited edition capsule from HEX’s “Vanguards” Series.

Fashion accessory brand HEX has revealed a new capsule collection that they have been working on with internationally-known artist Aaron De La Cruz. We first saw the pieces in person at the previous Agenda Trade Show and were anticipating its release. The capsule includes a duffel and backpack that incorporates De La Cruz’s artwork in a reflective print. There’s also a duffel and backpack utilizing a quilted interpretation of Aaron’s art. In addition, there is a debossed, reflective phone case that fits iPhones 6, 7, and 8. Peep the lookbook and watch the process video below!


“It’s pretty easy as to why I felt that working with HEX was the way to go,” says De La Cruz. “ I had been a fan of the brand, and I appreciated how they held no reservations on what I wanted to do in terms of having the collection align with my current body of artwork. I wanted to explore texture, surface and sculpture, allowing the audience to gain tangible access to what I do. I feel like we accomplished taking my art in 2 different and meaningful directions allowing for the interactive user experience I was after.”


The capsule is available now on HEXbrand.com!


[ All images, media and video courtesy of HEX ]

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