Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: STREET ART

“Famous Artists Talk About Their Vision”

Alessandra Mattanza, an author, screenwriter, and fine-art photographer, has masterfully published a new and beautiful art book titled Street Art. This tabletop book is in itself a work of art and will become a nice addition to your current home decor. Wrap it up and give it as a perfect gift to a friend or family member who loves everything street art related. This would also work for anyone on your Christmas list who is always a creative at heart.

In Street Art, Mattanza interviewed 20 of the most renowned figures in the street art scene. These artists range from painters to sculptors to stencilists, all of them revealing their stories and inspirations.

Some of the international artists in the book include:
Aryz from Barcelona, Spain
Nuna (Francisco Rodrigues da Silva) from São Paulo
Shepard Fairey, founder of OBEY
EVOL from Berlin
and so many more. Street Art is available now on!

[ Photos by Nino Llanera ]

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