Best of 2017: Trends

What was trending in 2017?

As we count down the days until 2018, let’s take a look back at the popular fashion trends that emerged and how they each made a statement this year. Did your personal style fall into any of these trends?

Side Bags/Fanny Packs


  • It’s simpler to have a compartment that holds multiple items instead of having bulky pockets. So for this reason alone, the side bag/fanny pack trend was enjoyed for its functionality. This essential item was crucial during the festival season, you can’t be jumping in mosh pits and have your hotel card poke you. I’m curious to see how long this trend will last and excited to see brands create more unique designs.

Bulky shoes

  • As many admire his fashion statements, Kanye West will always have a way of setting a wave of hype and trends. During the last quarter of this year, Mr. West added another set of shoes to his collection: Wave Racers. I’m not sure if they’re comfortable or if consumers even enjoy having platforms on their feet.

Fonts/ Words



  • Fonts were used in a variety of ways this year. Virgil Abloh placed his signature font on shoes that not many have thought of ever doing. Abloh’s “KEEP OFF” text on an Ikea rug was also next level. Recently, I’ve been seeing extra large fonts on shoes including some Vans and also, if the rumor is right, “UNDFTD” on an Ultra Boost.

Fidget Spinners

  • Weird, but true. An interesting trend that popped up around April, initially a handheld tool designed to help kids deal with ADHD and anxiety. Fidget spinners came in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It evolved into a trend that people had fun with and became another way to pass the time.



  • I believe it started late fall and lasted until the end of this year, I recognized some brands were taking on different renditions of popular cartoon characters. Bape stuck to their roots with Dragon Ball Z, KITH made kids apparel with that sponge who lives under the sea, and The Hundreds collaborated with the iconic Animaniacs trio. In a sense, it was refreshing to see how different brands did their own take on these animated characters.


Share your favorite trend from 2017 in the comments below!

Photos Provided By – Nice Kicks, Fashion Unfiltered, The Hundreds, A Bathing Ape, Kith, Uniqlo, DH Gate, Hypebeast, Business Insider, In Style


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