Recap: Agenda Long Beach 2018


Opening up the new year, the Agenda Trade Show brought dozens of brands under one roof to preview their 2018 releases. Many joined in to witness the progression of the retail industry.


The staple sportswear company highlighted their flashy space jackets, which caught the eyes of everyone at the trade show.


Eastpak offered a look at a ton of new entry-level bags and premium bags, as well as collaborations with Maison Kitsune and Andy Warhol.


Polymer_ brand focuses on creating clothing with artistry in mind. The brand debuted many pieces to look out for in 2018.


For their first time at Agenda, Mondaysuck showed of their clean aesthetic. Their cropped trouser and fisherman beanie are some standout pieces and the logo rugby is definitely an eye-catching piece.


Katin’s Fall ’18 collection introduces mineral wash tees and sweatshirts, as well as custom striped beanies. With earthy hues like slate, walnut, gray green, and indigo, Katin created a collection that captured the West Coast terrain of Santa Cruz. Katin also featured a subtle hit of branding on their sweaters by embroidering their classic logo.

Deus Ex Machina

As always, Deus delivered with garments that were well-crafted, while also showing off a collaboration with artist Bjorn Lie. With their consistent influence of motor vehicles and workwear, Deus showcased a collection that felt like it was made with both the maker and buyer in mind.


Reminiscent of vintage clothing and clothing you may find at a thrift store, Unitryb unveiled a variety of pieces with beautiful detailing.

DC Shoes

The classic skateboarding company decided to go back to its roots to reemphasize their logo and brand identity in their 2018 collection.

The Ampal Creative

The Ampal Creative showcased their unique hat stock. With some hats made using vintage materials, The Ampal Creative brought a style that is not easily replicated. The motorcycle alongside the products in the booth gave the sense of adventure and appreciation for the outdoors.

Timeless Era 

Timeless Era brought the “timeless” vibes of the 80s and 90s back with their colorful pieces.


Apex won the scholarship contest to join this year’s Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach. Apex represents the culmination of like-minded individuals and represents the guidance of youth culture through the products they release.

Pins and Patches

The best way to finish off an outfit is top off your look with accessories. Adding pins and patches from these companies can take your fit to the next level!

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Boardwalk Vintage



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Nerd Pins

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Allison Bamcat

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[ Photography/Image Credit: Matt Vinas & JK Gabrillo ]


Photomaker. "Matthew's got a lens on me right now." - Frank Ocean (Lens)

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