Mixtape Monday: Past Forward | Vol. 1

Mixed by DJ Pasquinel.

In today’s digital age of streaming music, everything is instant and readily available 24/7. This is especially true for artists who are constantly dropping new tracks. Your favorite rapper or singer will surprise you with something you’ve never heard of before, but often times you’ll feel a sense of familiarity with their music. Getting inspiration from all the great sounds of the past eras and building on that feeling is what makes a good artist an amazing artist. Hip-hop took elements of disco music, pop sounds are constantly taking cues from house jams, and even country music has borrowed from past genres. This mix from Amsterdam-based DJ Pasquinel is a master blend of throwback hits and the music we grew up listening to. There is an extensive selection of classic house beats, which we’ll always appreciate. Push play above!

“Thank you for checking out Past Forward Vol 1. Past Forward is all about good vibes. Paying hommage to old music, discovering new music and blending them together. Enjoy!” – DJ Pasquinel

Staff Writer

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