Bishop Nehru Heads To The ‘Rooftops’ in New Project

A Kaytranada and MF Doom production.

“‘Rooftops’ symbolizes the fall of the Titans and how they must rise back into their own powers. They must realize that the ‘gods’ have used their own power against them to reclaim their spot. Like the Titans, we must mentally and more importantly spiritually reclaim our power.” – Bishop Nehru

Elevators will arrive as an independent release on March 16th with Kaytranada and the underground masked villain MF DOOM serving as producers of the project. The New York rapper will be kicking off his campaign with a private, multi-city pizza party listening session tour, where fans will not only experience the album in its entirety but will also reveal album clues throughout the campaign trail. These private listening sessions will accompany pop-up performances in secret locations.

Fan Listening Sessions:
Toronto – Feb 25
New York – March 1
Los Angeles – March 7

To get on the list, visit

“This project is a collection of my feelings straight from my heart, all of my ideas were created specifically off of instinct and intuitive occurrences,” explains Bishop Nehru on Elevators.

“This album is my answer to the question, ‘What would you say your music sound like?’ My answer to that would be ‘Grammy Rap.’ There’s ‘Mumble Rap’ and then there’s ‘Grammy Rap.’ With this project I was largely influenced by music theory and Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. This is my attempt at a ‘rap’ Pet Sounds.”

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