Chill / Study Session: Playlist 001

Vibes for studying and relaxing.

Photo by Nina Tabios. Model: Jovi Lopez.

A playlist or mix is always necessary for the optimum chill session. Here are a few scenarios we can think of:

– Getting work done at a coffee shop
– Stuck in the office and looking for some background music
– At the school library with your headphones on
– Staying indoors while it’s raining outside
– Reading a good book/magazine
– Getting errands done around your home
– Late night study session
– Bath/shower time
– Catching up on your favorite hip-hop/fashion site

I mean, you can really play this all day, to be honest. Push play on our Chillin’ playlist below.

Want your track featured on the next Chillin’ playlist? Send us an email at

All photos via The 5th Element Magazine Archives. Photographer: Nina Tabios. Model: Jovi Lopez. See the full issue here.

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