Jhené Aiko Unveils 2 Versions of ‘Never Call Me’ Visual

“Ohh, you should’ve called me.”

R&B songstress Jhené Aiko knows how to make artistic and memorable short films. Every visual she has released perfectly matches the mood and vibe of the track she’s singing. Her latest is a dual version music video and is a testament to her unique art and creative direction. The track used is “Never Call Me” from her 2017 album Trip and features a voicemail from rapper Kurupt. While the two versions share the same song, it’s amazing how different the vibes are displayed.

In the official video, Aiko is a spiritual goddess and attends a funeral for an unknown individual. One could say this is a metaphor for the ending of her past relationship- which she airs out on the song. In contrast, the “Slauson Hills Edition” feels like a good old L.A. family backyard boogie. Friends, family, and rappers offer support and display some West Coast love to the singer.

Let’s give it up to Aiko for reminding us she’s a real one. Watch the two versions below.

(Cover Photo & Behind The Scenes stills courtesy of Mimi Vuong)

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