Mixtape Monday: 143 Live Mix Set by DJ Vice

From L.A.’s favorite body roll party.

143, the monthly R&B and hip-hop turn up that’s been a staple in the L.A. party scene, has always been known to bring out some of the best DJs from around the world. In their February event, 143 brought out DJ Vice to do an amazing live set, which you can stream above. The internationally recognized DJ and producer put together a mix of throwback feel-good jams and some of today’s breakout hits. It’s a live set so the minor pauses make it feel more like you were there. You can almost hear the crowd cheering and DJ Vice getting on the mic.

If you want to be immersed in the 143 crowd and groove on the dancefloor then see the flyer below for details on their next event.

Cover photo by 143.

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