Kanye West Tweets New Details on Upcoming Album

Are you ready for some new Yeezy?

Wherever Kanye has decided to go and record his new material, there must be a very strong cell reception. If you haven’t already followed his official Twitter account then you might want to hit that follow button asap. The rapper tends to tweet, delete, and disappear, only to resurface months later. His earlier tweets this week had him acting the Professor Yeezy role with some golden rules and advice for young creatives. And then today he revealed what we were all hoping and wishing for.

Ok, it’s not a full album. But we’ll take it! You can even call it a mixtape like Drake did.

But wait, The Life of Pablo rapper also tweeted this:

We’ve been waiting for this collaboration album so we are definitely going to have these dates marked on our calendar.

With confirmed albums from Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, J. Cole, Drake, and now Kanye, 2018 might just be another good year for hip-hop music.

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