Concert Spotlight: Miguel at The Observatory OC

Coming off last Sunday’s Coachella performance, Miguel took a break from the desert to continue ‘The War & Leisure Tour’ at The Observatory in Santa Ana. The Southern California native was ready to give fans a taste of his latest album.  With no Los Angeles tour date, many fans in the LA area took the commute to Orange County for this special night.


As the only opener for the night, Nonchalant Savant had to get the crowd started, and that he did. Savant had the audience really engaged, asking the crowd for nothing but smiles and to be up and dancing. The energy was apparent as Savant took control of the room, interacting with the concert goers as they moved and swayed throughout his performance.


As the lights cut off, the audience was ready for Miguel. In total darkness, “Arch & Point” from his 2012 release Kaleidoscope Dream, played over the speakers. The crowd pulled out their phones and sang the song while waiting for the artist to appear, but he didn’t. At the end of the song, the LED screens turned on and a politically-charged video played, seeming to be a motivation for Miguel’s music-making and performance. Then, the man appeared right out of the smoke. He knew how to make an entrance as he teased the crowd who so-badly wanted a glimpse of the singer. For the first few songs, he performed, engulfed in the smoke, while his silhouette serenaded the sold-out venue.

After making his way to the lower stage, the crowd lost their mind. Miguel was a veteran on stage – singing, dancing, and playing guitar masterfully. His growth as an artist was clear in the way he commanded that stage and played with the audience’s emotions. Miguel used his alluring persona to connect with the audience who went crazy whenever the artist looked in their direction. The passion of his performance was felt by multiple women who decided to throw their bras onto the stage. He highlighted politics and his social responsibility as an artist, while bringing back Nonchalant Savant. Performing hits like “Adorn”, “waves”, and “Sky Walker”, his concert was a culmination of the last 6 years of his career and proof that his best years are yet to come.

 (Image credits: The 5th Element Magazine. Photographer: Matt Vinas)


Photomaker. "Matthew's got a lens on me right now." - Frank Ocean (Lens)

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