Jam On It: Bohkeh Remixes Mark Redito’s Single “Cloud Keep”

We recently caught up with Bohkeh and asked a few questions about his most recent remix.


The 5th Element Magazine: What decisions were made when finding a song to remix to and why this track?

Bohkeh: Mark Redito actually hit me up to remix this track. Considering I’m a huge fan of Mark since his debut album ‘Desire,’ I had to jump on this opportunity. We’ve been good friends for the past 2 years after meeting him in New York during his tour w/ Giraffage. He’s help me overcome some struggles as a music producer, and we always got each others backs haha. 

5th: What influences did you have when you were working on this remix?

B: I’m heavily influenced by 90’s Pop & R&B, but tbh I honestly just wanted to make a summer bop haha. Abbi Press’s vocals were so easy to work around I felt like I could make any feeling come out of it. 

5th: Love the artwork cover, who helped you with it?

B: This artwork was done by the talented @mrn.a on Instagram. I was introduced to her work by Mark Redito & was hooked by her trippy aesthetic. The bounciness of the artwork helped picture how I wanted the song to sound. It def made is easy for me. 

5th: Can we expect any more EP’s or mixes in the future?

B: I’ve actually been working really hard on dishing out music every day. With that being said, I actually have more than an album’s worth of songs just sitting on my hard drive waiting to either be finished or released. I have a few ‘summery’ tracks to cool people off so I might start with that soon 😉

5th: Summer is right around the corner, can we see you at any upcoming shows?

B: YES! I will definitely have shows this summer. I’ve been working on a new set for this project and I will be debuting it June 15th @ the KTOWN Night Market in Los Angeles. I’m pretty stoked to show everyone what I’ve been working on. More show announcements to follow  🙂

You can catch Bohkeh here at KTOWN Night Market.

[Artwork by Marina A ]

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