ComplexCon 2018

ComplexCon is back at it again with the 3rd installment of their annual festival and exhibition. From November 3rd-4th 2018, ComplexCon is headed back to Long Beach, California to bring you all things streetwear, music, and art. The hype is real, and the past two installments have proved to be successful and a great platform for the culture.

“This year, ComplexCon is focusing on the enlightenment and empowerment of the individual, reflecting the issues and conversations that permeate and influence culture today from entertainment to art to politics. ComplexCon unveiled a new logo, which incorporates Murakami’s modern interpretation of the ensō, an ancient zen symbol that represents the cycle of all creativity and life, from chaos to growth to enlightenment.”

A limited supply of pre-sale tickets for the festival are on sale Friday, July 20 at 3 pm Eastern/12pm Pacific at

Pre-Sale Packages include:

  • Saturday 1-Day Ticket $55
  • Sunday 1-Day Ticket $55
  • 2-Day Tickets $90
  •  VIP Package $300

Nino Llanera

Co-Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Entertainment Host, and Creative. I am a fashion and entertainment junkie with a mild obsession with the Internet. You can catch me talking about the latest news from Filipinos across North America on Myx News and Myx Global, or trying to figure out and explain the ratchetness that is reality tv on Afterbuzz TV.

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