Soulection Introduces New ‘Black Label’ Series

Featuring LA-based music group Hablot Brown.

Soulection has always been the premier platform for many underground artists, producers, DJs, and beat makers from around the world. After delivering some amazing original music in their “White Label” series, the internationally recognized label and crew are introducing something new for their fans.

Highlighting new talents in these music series is the perfect exposure to Soulection’s diverse audience. An audience that has grown with the label and is always open to hearing some undiscovered music. After we heard these 5 new tracks we instantly became fans of Hablot Brown and can’t wait to hear more from them.

Listen to the first installment of the “Black Label” series below!

“Today we’re introducing the Black Label Series, which is focused on highlighting vocalists/rappers we’re going to be working with.

As smooth as they are soulful, LA-based group Hablot Brown gives us 5 original tracks that will grab you by the heartstrings. From the vocals to guitar-infused production, the first ever Black Label release will make it hard for you to not follow their journey.

Enjoy!” – Soulection

Staff Writer

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