Alpha Industries Taps DJ Clark Kent for New “Heroes” Series

“Heroes” features musicians, creatives, and pioneers in various industries. Showcasing their road to how they came to be and where they are now.

The legendary New York DJ has had a tremendous career and continues to be one of the greatest in the hip-hop music scene. We also know him to be a dope collector of rare sneakers and have collaborated with global brands to design some highly coveted kicks. For Episode 4 of Alpha Industries‘ new “Heroes” short film series, the American military heritage brand sat down with DJ Clark Kent and discussed his early music career and his take on heroes. Go ahead and push play on the video below.

Alpha Industries shines a light on New York native, DJ Clark Kent. Taking an interest in music at the young age of 9 years old, and DJing parties by 11, Kent shares how he doesn’t look up to his heroes, rather he looks at them– their actions and listens to the messages they have to share. The strong messages from his grandmother, Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. have played a role in Kent calling them his heroes.”

Video and quotes via Alpha Industries.

Staff Writer

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