The Agenda Tradeshow took place in Las Vegas last week, and while we weren’t able to make it, we did show up to the Agenda weekend in Long Beach, CA earlier this summer.


The all-encompassing weekend featured the Agenda convention, the partnership with Dew Tour, and topped off with the second annual Agenda Festival.

The Agenda Festival included performances from Lil Yachty, Denzel Curry, and Billie Ellish among many others.

America’s favorite boyband, Brockhampton, ended the eventful evening. Their cult following watched the first-time headliners, as they put on a show that left no doubt that they were, indeed, a boyband.


Chinatown Market definitely stole the show on the marketplace grounds. In partnership with Dickies, CTM offered attendees a chance to create one-of-one pieces using the company’s designs. When asked about the influence behind the booth, owner Mike Cherman simply stated, “we love bootleg.”

Just outside of the venue, Dew Tour opened its doors to skaters of all ranges – from professionals to hobbyists. As a major influence in everyday dress, it was great to see skating directly integrated with Agenda this year.


We can’t wait to see what Agenda Long Beach brings next year!


Photomaker. "Matthew's got a lens on me right now." - Frank Ocean (Lens)

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