Jam On It: Weaver Beats – TRAPPIN IN HONOLULU¹⁰

W A V Y ~

The seventh mix from Weaver Beats’ trap/hip-hop/instrumental series is now up on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. To listen to the past mixes, simply visit here.

Inteus – Late again
Yasu – Takeover
Ricky Reecon – Stick up (w/ Weaver Beats)
Semp uru – Party like a rockstar
Motat – Dedicated
Weaver Beats – Clouds
Simulate – Drugged (w/ Chase)
Glouton – Homicide
Speechless – Cologne
Sappy – Myths
GROUF$ – Dont fuck up the count
$oudiere – 100 round clip
ID – Double personality (w/ Necroez)
ID – Straight to the bank
ID – Fuckin high (w/ Soudiere)
ID – Keep it hush
ID – Blessing
ID – Zone 6 yeti
GVVAP – mist

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