Don’t Call It a Comeback- A Crooks & Castles Relaunch

The infamous fashion brand Crooks & Castles, is set to make their anticipated return this upcoming Holiday season.

We recently chopped it up with Dennis, one of the founders of this iconic streetwear brand, to see what we can expect from this relaunch and the forthcoming direction of the new Crooks & Castles.


The 5th Element Magazine- What challenges were faced when coming up with this season?

Crooks & Castles – The main challenge faced was creating a balance of what we wanted to present as the new Crooks but also having a good portion of our heritage pieces. We’ve been around for over 15 yrs so we’re aware that our customer is a lot older and may not be into the brand anymore but maybe with pieces that are nostalgic to them can strike a conversation with their younger siblings who we feel are currently the demographic. 


5th – Why was it important for Crooks to step back for a bit and why relaunch now?

C & C – We took a step back in the wholesale aspect of the brand. We continued to focus on our e-comm, we felt a shift in the way retail was heading. Sometimes it’s better to fall back and observe to make sure your next steps forward are headed in the right direction. 


5th – Is there a specific new approach you all will be taking with this relaunch?

C & C – A lot has changed in the landscape of street fashion, and it seems now that the consumer will only have an interest if some A-List celebrity is wearing it. We want to figure out who is the right fit for our brand to include them as part of the movement. We plan to make noise but still strategizing on what noisemakers to use!


5th – With so many changes in the streetwear industry and many of the heavy hitters dying down, what is this Crooks comeback going to bring that’s fresh and new to the scene?

C & C – I think fashion has its cycles and these cycles are created to wash out what isn’t meant to be around any longer. For a 16 year old brand to have gone through a couple cycles I believe it’s proven that we aren’t going anywhere and that our brand still hold relevance. We helped create this Streetwear niche in fashion, we are part of the reason their even is a category. We have some things up our sleeves but not ready to reveal the prestige (wink).


5th – What can we expect after the comeback season?

C & C  – Expect to see us making a lot of NOISE!!!


And we can definitely hear that noise coming. Thank you to the fellahs at Crooks & Castles for giving us some insight into the relaunch and what we can expect from the upcoming season.

Make sure to check out their site and stay tuned for what moves these guys are about to make!

Images via Crooks & Castles


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