HEX Releases New Ranger DSLR Camera Collection

HEX keeps it pushing with a new collection, adding to an already impressive 2018 lineup. The “Ranger DSLR Camera Collection” are two new bag designs that were made especially for camera professionals, but will also appeal to the avid camera fans alike. The new collection includes the innovative Clamshell Backpack as well as the Sling bag. Both bags will come in all black Cordura®, or you can choose the fresh new camo pattern. These were developed over an extensive period of real-world testing and input from several top photographers.

To coincide with this launch, the award-winning fashion and tech accessory brand spent some time with renowned photographers Trashhand, Misshattan, and Travis Jensen. Follow the visuals below, which include insightful videos with all three that provide a unique window into their craft.

“We have been really involved in the photography community for many years, and we are very excited to have had the opportunity to include input from photographers into these bags. We think the results speak for themselves.” – Trent Valladares, HEX Co-Founder



Travis Jensen

Visit HEXbrand.com to shop the collection now.

The Clamshell Backpack retails for $199.95, while the Sling bag retails for $99.95.

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