Jam On This: DOOM XMAS by Cookin Soul

How MF Doom Stole Christmas

No holiday season is complete without a good mixtape that’s bumping through your speakers, and this one is our pick.

DJ and producer Cookin Soul has put together MF Doom tracks and mixed in some classic holiday beats and movie scenes. It’s a hip-hop Xmas mix that is sure to help you de-stress while you’re buying those last minute gifts.

“Why spend Xmas Eve waiting for some extra fat white dude to come bursting through the ceiling… when you can spend Xmas Eve with yours trully the super villain, DOOM ! HO, HO, HO !”- Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM

01 0:00 Xmas with Doom (intro)
02 0:19 Naughty or Nutz
03 2:32 Let it Snowwwww
04 4:57 Smoke a lil Xmas Tree
05 7:07 MF Grinch
06 9:21 Santa’s Pot Belly (skit)
07 10:28 Wonderfull
08 13:18 Llegó Navidad
09 14:40 XXXmas Ladies
10 18:09 HO skit
11 19:14 The Holiday Agenda
12 21:30 Unhappy (outro)

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