Donald Glover Presents: adidas Originals

With guest costar Mo’Nique.

In the middle of his Coachella ’19 headline performances and offering the incredible film Guava Island on Amazon, multi-talented artist Donald Glover has just unveiled a new project with adidas Originals.

“The Donald Glover and adidas Originals collaboration explores well-worn sneakers as a symbol of life’s experiences through a series of short films.” The featured shoes in the films are the Nizza, Continental 80, and Lacombe. Although, you’ll only get a quick glimpse of the shoes as the films primarily shine on screen dynamic between Glover and costar Mo’Nique. Now, this is the kind of content we like to see! Watch all the shorts films below.

Donald Glover Presents’ Film credits:
Starring Donald Glover and Mo’nique with a cameo by Na-Kel Smith
Story and concept by Donald Glover with ROYALTY
A Mamag Studios Production
Directed by Ibra Ake
Co-Written by Sam Jay and Jamal Olori of Royalty
Creative Consultancy by Sing J Lee for Mamag Studios
Produced by Sylvia M Zakhary for Mamag Studios
Co-Produced by Wolf Taylor and Fam Rothstein for Wolf and Rothstein
Co-produced by Stephen Glover of Royalty
Wardrobe Stylist by Simon Rasmussen with Style consult by Shanice Castro

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